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Outdoor Weddings

Nature: History’s Greatest Architect.

There are all kinds of incredible wedding venues from the historic to the most modernistic of settings, but none can boast more beauty or extraordinary colour and texture than the great outdoors. Outdoor weddings are perfect for life’s adventurers and the bohemians at heart. There is a special kind of magic reserved for the outdoor wedding, whether speaking your vows beneath an ancient tree or going the whole hog with the wedding breakfast, speeches and even the first dance beneath the stars. Taking place on the beach, in your back-garden, in a field, by a lake, the possibilities for an outdoor wedding are simply endless and the beauty is second to none.


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“We are still wiping away the tears after viewing our INCREDIBLE wedding photographs produced by Dominique and Liam at York Place Studios. Wow! We are utterly blown away with the beauty, comprehensiveness and emotion captured in the photographs you’ve taken on our wedding day. We cannot thank you enough, it really does mean the world that our wedding day has been documented so beautifully. You guys are amazing – we feel so lucky to have found you!!! Words can not express how grateful we are, our photos are timeless, we will enjoy looking at them for years to come. I can’t wait to share with my children and grand children!”

Outdoor Weddings by Dom & Liam Shaw, York Place Studios.