Event Photography

The host at a London event introducing award winners

With 20 years experience in event photography, I have a proven track record in capturing events beautifully. As an event photographer I create natural images, mostly shooting in the background, documenting all those moments that make up your event. I have worked at a huge range of events in London, Brighton and the South East as well as internationally.

Award winners at a London event posing for a photograph

Events in London, Brighton and the South East

Events come in all shapes and sizes, so as an event photographer that shoots events mostly in London and Brighton, I have to be ready for pretty much anything. That’s where my experience, reliability and cool head come in, as well as my ability to deal with people from all walks of life. I’ve photographed celebrities, royalty and CEO‘s as well as people from all sections of society. When it comes down to it they are all just people and want a photographer to take a great photo of them, quickly and efficiently, while making the most of the location and the lighting.
While a lot of event photography is made up of awards ceremonies or galas, I also shoot a whole range of other types of events. From chefs presenting a cooking show to companies opening up their building sites to prospective apprentices, every event is different and I doubt I will ever cover every type of event photography there is!

The Law Society Awards at the London Hilton on Park Lane

The Main Event

I am primarily asked to capture awards and entertainment on the stage to show the event to its best. I photograph speakers and entertainers during their presentation, and often award winners on stage with the presenter immediately after they’ve received their award. However there are many variations on this that I’ve covered, including photographing the award winners on stage, then on a separate background off stage immediately afterwards while the next award is being announced.
Covering the start of the event as guests arrive is important as is guest coverage which I talk about more below. This all adds to the feel of the event.

An award ceremony at a London event

Guest Reactions at Events

While it’s crucial I capture the main focus of the event I’m photographing, it’s also important I capture guests and their reactions to the awards or entertainment. This is one of the hardest things to photograph, but also the most satisfying as guest reactions can be fantastic. Again, since most guests will be sat or standing in dimly lit areas as opposed to the stage, it is crucial I use the lighting I have at my disposal well. Occasionally I will use just a little bit of flash to fill the foreground of a shot, particularly at a venue that is lit with downlighters, so my subject is lit well. However most of the time I like to use the available light to keep the atmosphere and feel of the moment.
Reactions to hearing they have won an award can be a great photo as I can capture guests genuinely excited, surprised and often a bit overcome with emotion. That emotion is exactly what I want to capture and gives a lot of wonderful energy to my shots.

Guests at an award ceremony in London reacting to winning an award

Making the Most of the Lighting at Events

Events often, though not always, take place at venues in rooms that are heavily lit to make the most of the atmosphere the client wants to create. This can sometimes be great for me as an event photographer. However, it does mean that I come up against a whole range of different lighting situations, every one of which I want to photograph beautifully. Once again this is where my experience really helps. I don’t just want to photograph the event in a way that gets technically clean photos, I want everyone and the venue to look great, while also making the most of the lighting creatively, really capturing the atmosphere and feel of the event. This means using my cameras and lenses to the best effect for each given location. Modern equipment really helps. Each new generation of cameras pushes the boundaries of what can be done. However, ultimately it comes down to my expertise and creative vision as to how I use my camera equipment to get the effect I want. I do this using top quality lenses with small apertures and a mix of focal lengths.

An award winner walking back to her seat after collecting her award

Entertainment at Events

Lots of events have some kind of entertainment or central focus. It can just be awards, or it can also include something else as a central focus or as a small breakaway part of the event such as a magician or caricaturist. It’s important for me to capture these parts of the event, however they are also excellent for guest reactions and some action which really puts some energy into my images.

An after dinner entertainer at a London event

An event at the Royal Albert Hall in London

Entertainers at an event at the Park Lane Hotel in London

A guest speaker at a London event

guests at an event in Brighton

A guest laughing at an event in Brighton

Guests talking at an event

Guests at an event

Guests at an event dancing

A London event at the Grosvenor House Hotel

Event Photography Venues

As an event photographer I’ve photographed in a huge range of venues and locations. From glorious hotels on Park Lane as well as much smaller venues, to kitchens, building sites and offices. I’ve photographed events at The Royal Albert Hall, Tower Bridge, The Park Lane Hotel, The Royal Museums Greenwich and many many more, often outside too.

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